Barry B.

Just recently I encountered multiple issues regarding connections from TV to Bluetooth and sound system. Being from the old school with IT and pulling my hair out, I finally surrendered to University IT services. Not only did Holden show up within two hours of my call the service was spectacular, very resourceful and diagnosed my problems within minutes. I truly enjoyed sitting back watching a professional excel at their craft!! I highly recommend University IT Services.


Steve V.

Holden Clarke is the ultimate tech guy. I have used Geek Squad for many years but was unable to log them in because my computer was not working. :-) Holden was able to resolve my computer issues plus some serious sound technical issues on my entertainment system that I was convinced would require a new sound system to resolve. And he did it all in under 1 hour. I will not hesitate to call him again.


Cherie S.

I have used this service for 4 years. If you want things quick fixed, reliably, and professionally call Holden. I have hired him to fix problems, identify solutions, build computers, and even mix podcasts and music for my business. Holden is an IT wizard.

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